The Fightins Team Store is now OPEN for walk in business.  Store Hours:  M-F 10AM - 4:30PM  

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    Ballpark Grub and Go - Delicious Grand Slam Grill Combinations!

    Ballpark Grub and Go - Delicious Grand Slam Grill Combinations!

    All Meals come with a regular sized french fry.  Drink is not included, but can be purchased as an ad-on to your combo.  Other food Add On(s) can also be added to your combo!

    Pick-Up Times - Friday 10/2:  4:30 - 6:30pm in 15 minute increments

    Grub and Go Meal Combos:

    • Hot Dog with Regular Fries: $6.75
    • Single Hamburger with Regular Fries:  $9.00
    • Single Cheeseburger with Regular Fries:  $9.25
    • Double Hamburger with Regular Fries:  $11.25
    • Double Cheeseburger with Regular Fries:  $11.75
    • Triple Hamburger with Regular Fries:  $13.50
    • Triple Cheeseburger with Regular Fries:  $14.25

    Beverage Add On(s):

    • Pepsi:  $4.00
    • Diet Pepsi:  $4.00
    • Mountain Dew:  $4.00
    • Water:  $3.00

    Food Add On(s):

    • Triple Cheeseburger:  $10.00
    • Triple Hamburger:  $9.25
    • Double Cheeseburger:  $7.50
    • Double Hamburger:  $7.00
    • Single Cheeseburger:  $5.00
    • Single Hamburger:  $4.75
    • Regular Fries:  $4.25
    • Hot Dog:  $2.50


    R-Phils Ballpark Grub & Go PICK UP DETAILS:

    Please pull up at your scheduled pick up time.  You will pull up in your car just outside of Tompkins VIST Bank Plaza, near the wheelchair access parking spaces, in the main parking lot, shortly after you turn in off Route 61.  Look for the blue tent adjacent to the “Ambulance Parking Space”.  An R-Phils staff member will greet you there, take your name, and bring you your completed order.